According to the Harvard Business review there are five key benefits from effective management training

  • Feedback and Self-Evaluation
  • Improved Understanding of Change Management
  • Improved Decision-Making Skills
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Deeper Understanding of the Role of a Manager skills
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Theme One Management Essentials 

Three, facilitated, full day workshops designed to build strong management foundations

  1. Essential Management Skills  
  2. Effective Performance Management 
  3. Leading Effective Teams

Theme Two Leading Through People 

Three, facilitated, full day workshops designed to help you deliver results through your people

  1. Relationship Management  
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Leading Change with Confidence

Theme Three The Influential Leader

Three, facilitated, full day workshops designed to develop emotional intelligence, communications and coaching skills for leaders

  1. The Emotionally Intelligent Manager
  2. Introduction to Coaching & mentoring 
  3. Leading Through Communications

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“Fabulous Leadership Training Program that will certainly be very beneficial for the group of managers and for the company. This is an energizing course that reinforces and introduces leadership methods that can help you and your team both professionally and personally. The team is looking forward to applying everything they have learnt in order to improve as managers. The quality of the course was very high and there were ample opportunities to interact and learn from the team’s diverse context”


“The Leadership Mojo Facilitator delivered an ‘Essential Management Skill’s Workshop and was very knowledgeable and created a supportive and open environment. He was enquiring, probing and challenging in all the right places, which allowed us to reflect and practise new skills…The whole team is looking forward to utilising their current strengths and working on our challenges in order to improve as managers – we are inspired!”

Annette Cunningham, QEWC

“Leadership Mojo have helped unlock further personal potential and this has helped contribute to both my personal and business success. The depth of experience that the coach brought as well as their unique style of coaching, which blends real world examples and theory, which I have personally benefited from on a number of occasions”

Rob Taylor, PeoplePlus Saudi Arabia

“The coach very skilfully provided Directors with a sounding board for strategic decision making and, during a time of significant change, supported the development of key leaders as they refined their strategic competencies””

Dan Stephens Chief Fire Officer

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